Poplin Data welcomes Conrad Yiu as an advisory board member

We are delighted to announce Conrad Yiu has joined Poplin Data as an Advisory Board member. Conrad brings over 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, venture investor and business builder.

After life in professional services in Sydney and London, his first start-up was a mobile technology company in Cambridge in the late 90’s which is where he also met & worked with Alex Dean, one of the co-founders of Snowplow Insights.

Conrad returned to Australia in 2005, where he was Director of Corporate Development, leading investments and M&A for Newscorp’s digital division. He left in 2011 to start ArdenPoint, an investment firm that co-founded Temple & Webster (ASX:TPW)Fluent Retail and ParcelPoint. In addition to his current portfolio he is a venture partner at Tempus Partners and started a new watch company, Mountain Active Co.

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