The story of Poplin Data

At Poplin Data we make working with data simple, safe and fit for purpose. But we haven’t always been Poplin Data. When the three founders first set up in 2016, we worked under the name Snowflake Analytics to reflect our use of the open source platform Snowplow Analytics. Three years on, the team has grown, we’re more than Snowplow providers and we do much more than analytics.

Why Poplin?

We believe data should be used by everyone in a business. Getting all your teams using data is a people problem as much as a technology one. Our mission is to work with clients to make data the fabric of their organisation. We work with our clients to weave data into the fabric of the organisation.

Poplin is just the type of fabric we like to build in an organisation. It’s simple yet durable; efficient, but with a distinctive weave.

Fabric and data?

When you stitch together data from disparate sources in an organisation, you can do things that you couldn’t do before with isolated data. We loved the metaphorical connection and many of the properties of this fabric: it’s not flashy but it’s strong and durable.

Poplin Data Insights

With the launch of our new brand we’ve also started a newsletter Poplin Data Insights, where every month we will share the latest stories, opinions and trends in data. Sign up now!

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