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[Webinar] Getting (Real) Time with BigQuery and Oneflare

Watch the Replay Here The world of data warehousing has changed immensely in the last 10 years. The influx of data sources coupled with the never ending analytical demands across business units has meant the technologies of yesterday are no...

[Webinar] The Road to Data Quality

Watch the Replay Here In the last 10 years behavioral data, including data from web, mobile, connected devices and wearables has been leveraged in more and more use cases. Different teams across the business need this data to understand and...

Offense and Defense

Data governance: on the offensive (#2 Data Maturity Series)

In my last post, we looked at why organisations often fail to engage data initiatives properly, leaving them stuck in first gear, or worse, spinning in neutral. We covered the concept of the data supply chain being comprised of a...

Generating data insight: it’s a (supply) chain reaction (#1 Data Maturity Series)

It’s not the sort of statistic you’ll ever see in a sales deck, but the dirty secret of the data business is that most projects fail. In this new series of blogs, I want to take a look at where...

Poplin Data Retail Week

This week Poplin Data was all about Retail and eCommerce as we had a series of events in Sydney. On Tuesday 23rd of July, we hosted the first in our Thought Leaders Breakfast series, where more than 70 people came...

Snowplow Meet Up

Slides from Snowplow meetup: What’s good (and not so good) on GCP and Server Side Tracking with

Key points Snowplow on GCP offers some great benefits; including speed, streaming capabilities and scaling without thinking Not so good features; table mutations are smart - but not how you want them. BigQuery - forget everything you know! Why