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Poplin Data Retail Week

This week Poplin Data was all about Retail and eCommerce as we had a series of events in Sydney. On Tuesday 23rd of July, we hosted the first in our Thought Leaders Breakfast series, where more than 70 people came to hear Catch Group Chief Product Officer Liron...

Poplin bake off

This morning we had our first ever team bake off. Inspired by our mates down the hall at Get Your Guide who fed us last week, we all brought in baked goods. We weren’t planning to make it competitive but I think we’ve all agreed Kalani’s beignets...

Building an SQL data model: slides

Data models are a key part of the modern digital analytics stack. They allow you to build upon event-level data and interpret it through shared business rules. The models you create will evolve with you as your business changes and the organisation becomes more sophisticated with its data.