Slides from MeasureCamp Sydney 2017

Poplin Data sponsored the always awesome Measurecamp Sydney unconference last weekend. As usual it was an incredibly high-value event with really great sessions and even better informal chats between the sessions. Such a great event and we’re looking forward to Melbourne early next year.

We gave a few talks there on various topics of interest so here’s the slides.

Display advertising: How does it work?

I’ve given this talk at least 30 times now and have been updating it for a very long time as the ecosystem evolves. Always really interesting questions about how the display ecosystem works.

Microcontrollers: Collect data from your environment

My latest obsession is these tiny, cheap little devices that allow you to collect data from and interact with the world around you. I’m throwing a few around my house to collect temperature data and send it into Snowplow for later analysis.

Enabling data-driven Innovation: Defining and developing analytics maturity

Narbeh’s talk about the philosophy behind Snowplow Analytics and how solid data collection enables and drives innovation.

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