Don’t just build reports. Build a data culture.

You aren’t getting what you need from your data. It’s not helping you answer your questions – or your customers’ questions. You don’t trust it and it’s making you frustrated. The systems you’re using don’t seem to be making it easier.

Being data driven and using data to make decisions isn’t easy. It’s a big change for a lot of companies. You need your data to be cleaner and better organised first. Then you can reason with it, challenge it, use your judgement and form an opinion.

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve worked in big organisations and know how they tick. We know what you’re trying to do. We’ve battled to do it right, to fix systems and ways of working for the long term. We know you still need to get things done today, so we build incrementally with a view to a future where it all works together.

Let’s talk

We’re passionate about building data cultures and
we want you to get that passion, so let’s get started.

Our philosophy

Build capacity

We don’t just do it. We show you how to do it and build your internal skills.

Engineering culture

We’re led by engineers, informed by deep technical experience.


We understand the big picture before proposing solutions.

Open technology

We prefer open and Open Source technologies so you can see what’s going on inside.

Our benefits

Speed to market

Reduce effort to access and act on strategic insights.

Operational agility

Publish data to a central place then share access across the company.

Compliance and risk

Build security into your data system to protect your company and your customers.


The team

Narbeh Yousefian


Narbeh keeps Poplin Data moving to build on its vision: helping organisations make data their competitive advantage. He sets the strategy and makes sure everyone has everything they need to deliver maximum impact for your projects.

Narbeh is a driving force in the digital analytics industry, pushing clients and community to expect more from data and to build things the right way. He’s worked in digital analytics roles at Fairfax Media, Adobe, Appliances Online and Digdeep Digital.

Narbeh co-founded Poplin Data in 2016 after working in digital consultancy Digdeep.

Mike Robins


Mike leads our squads of engineers to build the teams, processes and systems that put our clients in control of data. He sets Poplin Data’s technical direction to ensure you get the best engineering talent building your data capability.

Mike is regularly seen out in the community at digital analytics, data science and data engineering meetups and conferences demonstrating how data can make a difference for business.

Mike used his background in neuroscience to do data science and engineering for Bigcommerce, University of Sydney and Bauer Media.

Mike co-founded Poplin Data in 2016 after working as a Data Scientist at Bauer Media Australia.

Chloe Sasson


Chloe drives business development to get Poplin Data into ambitious organisations. She tells people that they shouldn’t just be trying to build reports but should build a data culture.

Chloe has worked in publicity, marketing, journalism, sales and strategic consulting for News, MySpace, Fairfax Media and Google. Her work at Google included a stint running agency business for Google in Singapore.

Conrad Yiu

Advisory Board Member

Conrad keeps the Poplin Data team focused on its mission to give companies the data they need to make better decisions.

Conrad ran strategy and corporate development at News Digital Media and sat on the boards of SportingPulse and Wego. In 2011 he invested in and founded Temple & Webster and ParcelPoint. He invests in and advises a range of digital businesses around the world.