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Getting Real (time) with BigQuery & Oneflare

Poplin Data's Modern Data Warehouse Series - Episode #1

When it comes to choosing the best modern data warehouse we’ve got it covered.

The world of data warehousing has changed immensely in the last 10 years. The influx of data sources coupled with the never ending analytical demands across business units has meant the technologies of yesterday are no longer able to keep up.

All of this has led to the rise of what we call modern data warehouses. In the past few years, these have become the critical foundation for any modern, data lead business allowing faster access to data and the ability for some incredible business-led innovation.

Today there are a number of these data warehouses that a business can use; and this is where the struggle usually starts – what one is best for our business? At Poplin Data; we have worked with clients across three of the most popular: BigQuery, Redshift and Snowflake, and recently published a blog outlining the key features of each.

In the first in our Modern Data Warehouse webinar series; we will be deep diving into BigQuery – Google’s solution offering – covering the following:

What on earth IS a modern data warehouse; and why you’d consider migrating.

Looking at why and when BigQuery should be considered a modern data warehouse of choice (for example real time and machine learning applications).

Understanding BigQuery pricing – and what exactly a slot is.

BigQuery Live Demo : How BigQuery QnA can allow business users to ask natural language questions and retrieve answers easily – on a voting dataset

Customer Case Study – how Oneflare migrated to BigQuery and gained a strategic edge with their ability to ‘react in real time’


November 19th 2020


10:00am - 11:00am AEST
3:00pm - 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST, Wednesday 18th November)

  • Mike Robins

    Co-Founder / CTO at Poplin Data

  • Liz Wu

    Cloud Consultant, Big Data & Analytics

  • Michael Blake

    Customer Engineer at Google Cloud

  • Greg Cook

    Technical Architect at Oneflare

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