Snowplow Inspector: a debug tool for Snowplow beacons

Snowplow Insights is an amazingly flexible way to collect data, but with great flexibility comes some complexity. If you work on Snowplow implementations a lot, you’re likely familiar with Base 64 Decodeand JSON Formatter when you’re digging into custom contexts and testing your implementation.

Snowplow Inspector

We wanted a tool to make debugging easier so we created Snowplow Inspector for the Chrome browser. It lives in the Developer Tools (☰ > More Tools > Developer Tools or Ctrl-Shift-I) under its own Snowplow tab. Here’s how it looks on the Snowplow site:

On the left-hand side of the panel you see the detected Snowplow pixels for each site you’re loading. Clicking on a pixel you’ll see the details of the tracking pixel, including the custom contexts and unstructured events decoded and formatted to be readable.

Install the extension

To install the extension, go to the Chrome store and click Add to Chrome.

Feedback and changes

The extension is released under the GNU Public License, so you’re free to fork it and make changes. Check out the Github repo. If you find any bugs or have any feature requests, create a Github issue.

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