v0.2.14 of the Snowplow Inspector Released


The latest version of our Snowplow Inspector extension has been released – thanks to the well over 2000 users!

This latest version includes HAR imports, the ability to stream live events from ElasticSearch, clearer signals for invalid events as well as the ability to see events that fired before loading the extension.

See below for more detailed highlights:

New features:

  • HAR Imports: It is now possible to import HAR captures of network traffic from other devices. Capture network traffic from your browser or network devices, and replay all the Snowplow events that occurred through the extension to inspect their payloads and validate them against your production or in-development JSON Schemas.
  • Stream live events from ElasticSearch: You can now view the events streaming in from multiple devices at once by loading them from ElasticSearch in real time. Both good row and bad row formats are supported, so this works great against Snowplow Mini to see live debugging for events coming from difficult to debug platforms, or to easily get a grip on causes of bad row data after new tracking deployments.
  • See events that fired before loading the extension: Previously, if you loaded a page and then opened devtools, any events that happened before loading the extension’s panel wouldn’t appear and you would have to refresh the page to fire them again. Now, if it’s available in the DevTools network tab, the extension should pick them up straight away, even if the extension hasn’t been loaded beforehand.
  • Clearer signals for invalid events: The event timeline will now signal if events fail validation, so you can see at a glance all the events that might be bad without having to examine them one at a time.

Install the Snowplow Inspector extension via the Chrome Web Store or via GitHub. The extension is open source, and feedback, bug reports, pull requests, and feature requests are welcome over on the GitHub repository.

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