Removing business silos—and what it has to do with our rebrand

Silos in business are mainly human constructs: disparate teams of people, working to different agendas, with separate processes, tools and information. There might not be physical walls containing or isolating each team — and keeping other teams out — but there are barriers.

These barriers also cause data silos. If each team’s datasets use different identifiers, assumptions and rules, or even different storage, then it’s difficult to connect them with the datasets elsewhere in the business.

Although there are sound arguments for occasionally allowing teams to work in isolation, it’s generally good business to encourage collaboration.

Similarly, while security protocols demand some data be kept isolated, only accessible by authorised people, most of the data within your business will be more useful if it’s available to more of your people.

Some of our clients discovered different teams couldn’t collaborate because their data sets and tools weren’t compatible. Previously they had to hack together ways to aggregate data and try to make sense of it.

We’ve also met frustrated analysts who felt forced to modify their thinking just to suit proprietary processes.

And we’ve seen what’s possible when multiple teams at organisations like Oneflare can focus their efforts with good shared data, giving them better intelligence on what customers really need.

“We’ve now optimised the journey for multi-brand success … and we have doubled revenue since 2017.”

Billy Tucker, CEO of Oneflare

When you free your people and the data they work with from their silos, it becomes easier to identify common threads in the customer experience and make them stronger.

Our history of helping businesses do just that prompted a rebrand of our business. We still enjoy working with Snowplow Insights, though there’s more to our story.
We want to you help you:

  • Use good data to make better decisions
  • Build reliable and scalable data platforms
  • Get answers quickly
  • Experiment rapidly
  • Own your data destiny and put data at the heart of decision making

Learn more about improving collaboration with unified data.

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