Case Study

Modernising your data warehouse with BigQuery and Snowplow

The Oneflare Story

How Oneflare modernised its data warehouse and gained a strategic edge with Snowplow and BigQuery

About Oneflare

Oneflare is an Australian online marketplace for home services connecting more than 150,000 qualified businesses across Australia with 1.8 million customers.

The Challenge

The need for speed

Oneflare required a sophisticated data warehouse that would provide faster actionable insights, faster time to discovery and faster experimentation time.

“We wanted to improve our response times in technical incidents and have a clear view of what, where and why something was going on. We needed to be able to react quickly to changes in the product and diagnose issues fast when they arise,” explains Greg Cook, technical architect at Oneflare.

The Solution

Migrating to a Google-powered data warehouse

Oneflare turned to BigQuery, a highly scalable and cost-effective enterprise data warehouse powered by Google, to satisfy its need for speed.

“As Snowplow and data warehouse experts, the team at Poplin Data were able to migrate our Snowplow pipeline to BigQuery in just weeks, and we were able to take advantage of new efficiencies and integrations within months,” says Yolanda Au, data engineer at Oneflare.

Download the Case Study

To read more about the solution and results – download the full case study here.