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Most retail organisations recognise advanced data is core to their competitive advantage. However, few have defined a data vision and strategy that scales their core capability. 

There are however a handful of retailers who have successfully moved to a digital first operating system.

Today’s session will highlight Australia’s and their recent data journey. Founded in 2006, Catch has become the country’s largest online retailer with over 1.5mm customers and 2mm SKUS.

With the appointment of Liron Nehmadi as Chief Product Officer in 2018, the group took on an ambitious project to unify its approach to data, and bring the entire business into an exciting future state.

In this session, Liron will talk through his approach to data and how he has taken from just another eCommerce business to Australia’s most sophisticated data first players.

To round the session off, we will have a Q&A Session with Liron along with Mike Robins, CTO from Poplin Data and Google Cloud Engineering Manager Daniel Entin.

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Dr. Liron Nehmadi (Ph.D.)

Chief Product Officer at Catch Group

“Now that we have the right data available we can operate like a real time business and deliver all sorts of applications related to what people need to get their jobs done. Poplin has changed the way people at Catch Group communicate and collaborate with data. As a company, we now have a capability to have conversations about the business, as it happens.”


Mike Robins

CTO, Poplin Data

Daniel Entin

Manager Customer Engineers, Google Cloud