[Webinar] Getting (Real) Time with BigQuery and Oneflare

Watch the Replay Here

The world of data warehousing has changed immensely in the last 10 years. The influx of data sources coupled with the never ending analytical demands across business units has meant the technologies of yesterday are no longer able to keep up.

Today there are a number of these data warehouses that a business can use; and this is where the struggle usually starts – what one is best for our business? At Poplin Data; we have worked with clients across three of the most popular: BigQuery, Redshift and Snowflake, and recently published a blog outlining the key features of each.

In the first in our Modern Data Warehouse webinar series; we were joined by Google Cloud’s Liz Wu and Michael Blake and Poplin and Snowplow Analytics customer Oneflare. During the webinar the team discuss the concepts around modern data warehousing and the benefits of the streaming native BigQuery.

As we’ve seen on previous webinars – Poplin’s Mike Robins went out with a live demo – this time looking at using Data QnA in BigQuery to write natural language questions. These questions took a look at a dataset from the Australian parliament to analyse how various MPs support (or oppose) various policies.

This was followed by Liz Wu who showed us how easy it was to integrate Google Sheets with BigQuery to analyse large data sets – in this session using Google’s Covid Mobility Data to look at some key insights and trends.

Wtih an in depth Q&A in the final 15 minutes, this event is for those just getting familiar with BigQuery as well as those looking to get deeper experience in the product.

Watch the Replay Here

For those looking to get more out of BigQuery or Data Warehousing in general – please drop us a line.

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