What We Do

What We Do

Poplin Data helps product & data leaders build on the foundations of a modern data stack to deliver on the promise of personalisation, attribution and first-party measurement with rich behavioural data pipelines.

These are some of the businesses we’ve enabled to do data better:

Helping product and data teams to lead by enabling them to gain data maturity against these key foundations

  • Reliable Data Pipeline
  • First Party Collection
  • Data Models
  • Multi-Channel Collection
  • Unified Modelling
  • Privacy & Compliance Collection
  • Real-Time Data Collection / Process
  • Rich Data Schemas
  • Identity Stitching
  • Data Completeness (AdBlocking and Tracking Protection)

Our Data Operations projects with high growth, online first businesses typically include:

1Project Scoping and Discovery

2Technical Solution Design and Implementation

3Onboarding programme from proof of concept to production